Audio Mastering in the Cloud

Every artist who wants to record his music and want to produce accordingly, sometime on the ominous topic "Mastering". We looked at Live Cloud Mastering of Schnalz. He now allows recordings in real time and without prior knowledge, easy and fast directly in the browser to master.

Live Cloud Mastering by Schnalz

So far, most musicians were still a little helpless before this task, as the mastering is much more technical than musical processes. Even professional musicians and music labels give their works before the release of so-called mastering engineers, which, regardless of the artists, create the finals (mastered) versions for radio, spotify and pressing machines. Now the Crux on the thing: This engineering work usually costs a lot of money and is therefore no adequate option for the ambitious young artist.

Basically, the mastering is about making music for each equal to experience, regardless of the chosen playback device. Who does not know: Since you hear his newest piece for days on the studio monitors, then it would finally want to play the friends in the car and it sounds very different! Of course, each sound source has its peculiarities that the Mastering then tries to balance. Ultimately, it is a kind of compromise, caused by the use of equalizers, compressors and limitants.

Nevertheless, it should not be dispensed with the mastering of its own music, because there are alternatives to the above-mentioned approach.

Generally, a solid mastering allows a kind of competition equity. Especially with regard to the overall volume of the music, there are certain guidelines in streaming but also in the live area. If you call the work of a DJs in memory, this also makes sense. When playing various tracks in succession, this must be sure that his playlist is very technically similar to it that it can easily create any order. The same is also at Spotify Playlists. It would be incredibly exhausting to listen if every title has a different volume!