From Westphalia to the Mississippi – my success in America

Jürgen Schildmann Aka Greyhound George did it. The winner of the International Blues Challenge travels the musician and music teacher, guitarist and singer together with his bandmate Andy Greert in 2016 to Memphis and has since been continuous guest in the United States.

Online marketing or record deal?

Ongoing concert requests from everywhere are now routine, and also from online marketing he seems to benefit: "It sometimes tell me people that they join me Youtube have heard and therefore in the concert. Without internet today is probably nothing more. Digital marketing needs to be. But actually I would rather play what to sit on the computer."

"I play blues, delta style, solo, in the duo with different other musicians and with Greyhound’s Washboard Band. Stylistically, I would call myself as blues-singer songwriter or ‘Modern Old School Blues’."

He does not have a record contract. "Bluesplates sell themselves almost exclusively at concerts. For me it is cheaper to organize everything myself."

Organize tour life

Speaking of self-organization: How can a job as a musician at a music school, tied to an institution, and a tour life agree?

"Mostly the concerts are yes on the weekend. If something is in the week, I have to move the lessons to the lessons."

Greyhound George plays in clubs, pubs, on festivals and concert halls, and mostly musically interested people from about 50 are the main audience.

"You have to fight for younger people, as they usually do not know much about the blues. But there are bluesfans, traveling to every bigger event throughout Germany."

Often people come back, which once were in the concert.

As a great friend of live performances, Greyhound George tries to make everything live in the studio: "The only advantage of the studio is then that you can repeat something."

Nevertheless, touring is overrated in Greyhounds’s eyes: "Mostly one sits in the car and tries to find the gig despite redirections. If the gig even then runs well, that compensates for a lot. Long tours are rare, usually you drive back in the evening or no later than the next morning back."

For every sound the right guitar

So back to the music. In the heart a collector, he would like to have the exact matching guitar for every sound, but the budget is too short.

"At the moment I have everything I need. However, I collect slides, they are not so expensive and everyone sounds different and brings you to new ideas."

And he has. GeCoverte songs are usually created by improvising with him, own songs through a text line or a groove. "Often it takes a long time until both come together and then writes the song itself."

Acoustic finger style

And he then plays as follows: "Basically, I play acoustic finger styles. The bass comes from the thumb, so I almost always play without bassists. Also, I play a lot of slide registrar and usually use a resonator guitar. Either a national sheet metal or one of Peter choice of wood that sounds a little more spirit. Blues should sound differently than the typical unplugged sound that you can hear everywhere, fat and resonant, almost like an electric guitar. Vintage guitars such as old Stellat or Gibson’s are excellent for this, but are very difficult to strengthen and therefore almost only at home or in the studio come to use. I usually use a ARCHTOP with a pickup, always played with your fingers. The whole runs through a clean set blues junior and finished is the delta sound. The whole thing is such a burrwiking between electric and acoustic guitar sound."