Paul Anka

Paul Anka is the son of Lebanese Christians, who operated in Ottawa a restaurant. Already at the age of 14, Anka participated in singing competitions in Canada and contributed little to a competition in New York his own composition of Diana. The song liked and a producer took the title in 1957. It became more than 10 million worldwide. Selling records thereof and Paul Anka became a teenage idol of the 1950s. Diana is still the best selling single of Bing Crosby to whitemmas by Bing Crosby. A year later, he already had four other tophits and as the teenage champion in 1961, he was not all year-round already a millionaire.

Anka wrote more hits during this time for other colleagues like Buddy Holly and played in films. As a lyrics he translated from the French for Frank Sinatra My Way. As a composer he wrote the hit She’s a lady for Tom Jones. Meanwhile, Paul Anka brings to over 125 songs, continues to take on panels regularly and occurs mainly in Las Vegas as an entertainer.

Also, Anka tried as an actor, so he stepped up in "the longest day". In 2005, Anka began a project called "Rock Swing", where he recedes rock classics in swing-style.