Musical streaming

Through music streaming you can access millions at any time on millions of pieces of music. In the so-called cloud, the songs are available and are retrieved via the Internet at different providers. Rising user numbers of subscription services confirm the trend whose tendency is running 100 million. Spotify, Apple Music, Play Music of Google, Prime Music, Music Unlimited, Napster, Deezer, Tidal and Sound Cloud Go require about ten euros per month and threaten, transparent records and CDs. Advertising interruptions, reduced sound quality and offline mode are competitive through special promotions and specimenmonates.

What does not cost and can music streaming?

Whether Wi-Fi, data connection or offline mode: The playback options are manifold

Via the web browser, an app on the smartphone, the tablet PC, a Play software on the PC, smart TV, a game console, a streaming player or network loudspeaker, a key copy of the song to the user is copied to the latch and played over the software.

Flexibility, constant availability of music, a variety of over 40 million songs, the creation of individual playlists and manageability of libraries including lyrics are considerable advantages of streaming services. The personal discovery of new genres and artists, recommendations of new releases and concerts and also the chance for newcomers to offer their music and may even be discovered in the list of benefits.

Podcasts, audiobooks and videos are an extension of these streaming services. But for licensing reasons, some songs can disappear from the lists or impaired by disturbances. The export of the files is not always possible without further ado. Although the regular constant availability of the songs is an advantage, it can also affect the disadvantage if the music can no longer be estimated. The quality sound quality is worse than a CD and the high data consumption could require additional costs that can be regulated by family rates, yet a drawback. Advertising points are a fault factor and possible, additionally hidden subscriptions would have to be tracked.

Disadvantages for artists

Also for the artist is a disadvantage clearly obvious: he can not increase his revenue, which he would receive through CD sales.

Whether streaming services boycott the careers of musicians or not, controversial. Compared to the radio is obvious, which is why generally a merit for the artist arises. This is even higher than a radio broadcast, as the range is greater. But radio stations pay lower license fees to the right holders.
Generally, not a clear conclusion can be drawn for musicians. If he wants to achieve a wide audience, presenting his music many people, achieve high gains or take the risk of not increasing their sales? Its objective depends on whether streaming is advantageous for him or not.

Comparison of the providers

A comparison of different providers should provide an overview.


Spotify offers a great selection of music, apps and comfort features and is therefore very popular. Good audio quality and free offers are also advantages of this service.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music Unlimited also has a rich repertoire and offers good applications for PCs and mobile devices. Also offline mode and upload compete with common, successful providers. For Amazon Prime members, this investment is worthwhile.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music offers with mobile apps, desktop applications, recommended playlists, as well as free online storage and access to Youtube Music another alternative.


Deezers sound quality leaves nothing to be desired. The lossless Deezer HiFi Stream in the Flac format is another bonus. The song selection is 1000-2000.


There Tidal offers more. The streaming service attaches to editorial content, recommendations and music videos. Apps for PC and mobile devices are user-friendly and extra functions are worked out.


Napster, known as former MP3 exchange stocking, also has a rich music selection, but the user interface on the desktop and in the mobile apps act overcrowded.

Apple Music

Apple Music trumps with the upload of your own music library, but is criticized with regard to platform support and handling on the PC via iTunes.

Prime Music

Prime Music has excellent audio quality and compatibility, but is limited in song selection.


You can access the entire music catalog at YouTube Music, but the lack of additional content and supporting devices is a weak point.

Juke also has this shortcoming, but also has a rich song selection.

Soundcloud Go

If one decides for Soundcloud Go, you will be rewarded with a chic optics and good recommendation system, which should be optimized in its user-friendliness.