Taiko in Augsburg

My name is Gabriele noble and I am enthusiastic Taiko drummer since 2012 – a sport full of energy, exercise, rhythm, dynamics and positive vibrations.

Taiko Augsburg originated from the Taiko Augsburg GBR, which was founded in 2017 by Patrizia Bradley-free and me. Patrizia moved it into the state capital for private reasons, so I decided to continue the same alone.

With currently 10 dedicated members, we meet 4x the week and of course, always, about new faces in our center – no matter what age – who make our group to what we are: a funny "pile" with a lot of fun Music, rhythm, commonality and movement.

In addition to these facts, but also the therapeutic aspect: because Taiko not only promotes the concentration, but can also be efficient therapy against anxiety, nervousness, depression and many other physical and psychosomatic complaints of modern times.