Singing lessons / vocaling at Nelly Palmer

Since 2000, Nelly Palmer has taught singing students of all ages and was 2001-2007 vocalist in the Students of the Maria-Ward School in Landau. In 2008, she taught the fold singing at the Stagecoachschool Nuremberg and Fürth and now continues her educational activity in Landau, Ludwigshafen and in Mannheim. In 2014-17 she taught at the Musikhochschule Mannheim the fold singing as an assistant of Prof. Katharina Dau, holds workshops at various universities for song duo and Russian pronunciation and has been a teaching assignment at the Musikhochschule Wuppertal since the summer semester 2018. Since 2018, she has also been a voice trainer of the DM initiative "singing kindergartens".

Her diploma as a vocal pedagogue she received in July 2003 with the grade 1.0 and has already successfully students to the federal competition youth musical and singing studies and also looks after career singers.

She pays attention to a unit between body, breath and voice when singing. Therefore, in the classroom body and breathing exercises are involved and if necessary also speakers education. Sung literature from classical and modernity, depending on the desire of the students. Welcome are young and old, whether for fun or as preparation for the entrance examination. Is taught in Landau / Mannheim / Ludwigshafen. The teaching units are staggered from half to the full hour.