Become a music teacher or reasons music school

Some people need music as an air to breathe, but in turn can be lived in return? Which special skills need a musician to be able to get along the threshold from the hobby music world into the musical Berfuswelt? We have interviewed music teachers and stage musicians of different instruments. On Board of Music you get authentic background information and get inspiration of experienced teachers.

Portraits of instrumental teachers and interviews

Become a piano teacher

The piano is one of the most popular instruments in young and old. The Diplom-Music Education Andrea Steingrube from the Abitur January 1977 gives insights into the profession of piano teacher. She studied at the Musikhochschule in the Rhineland, an institute in Wuppertal, and made its degree in instrumental education and in the field of piano. She graduated with artistic maturity hung her in the field of chamber music and song accompaniment afterwards. She accompanies concerts as a song companion, in the salon orchestra and also with Tangoensembles.

Guitar teachers become

We have asked a guitar teacher, which is the special and beautiful at the guitar, how to become guitar teachers, and whether online lessons are worthwhile.

Become a keyboard teacher

The keyboard is suitable as an introductory instrument for music scavengers, as there is no difficulty generating a sound. Also the note scale, bass and violin keys as well as the intervals are well understood at this instrument, as the half and full-tones are characterized by the black and white buttons. So it is especially suitable for young children, motivated to immerse yourself in the sound world of music and quickly achieving success. We have questioned a keyboard teacher, which is the special and beautiful on the keyboard, how to become keyboard teachers, and whether you can learn keyboard online on the internet.

Musicians become

We have Jörg Kannießer, Head of the Music School Canned Guide in Brackwede Bielefeld, asked for an interview. He reports from his professional life as head of a music school. Jörg Kannwießer teaches drums, recorder, orff instruments and percussion. He also coaches bands, playgroups and leads the musical early education.

Saxophone teachers become

We have interviewed an instrumental pedagogue and saxophonist, which is the special and beautiful saxophone and saxophone lessons, how to become saxophonist, how to best learn the saxophone games and whether it is suitable for children.


Probably the oldest musical expression is the singing. Zwerchkell, lungs, vocal lips, vocal tapes in the larynx and the vocal tract above the larynx create a sound that can be varied by difference by different voting layers. Even if not every person can take the right sounds immediately – sing and buzz can already every child because it has a voice. As a companion of all life situations, ritual songs, children’s songs, work and folk songs show a beginning of the variety of this instrument. We show the typical components of singing lessons and have led an exciting interview with a voice trainer about their profession.