Duo Musidance

The Duo Musidance is musicians with years of work experience that are able to adapt to the most diverse requirements of events and festivals.

Fatty and fresh live music with super live sound as festive and impressive framing for your party.

Of subtle dinner music about classic dance music, rock’n’roll, twist, oldies, modern discofox up to the crazy party music and the current charts is all included.

Due to the individual program design, and through the musical flexibility, music wishes can be discussed during the event.

Musidance, this extraordinary fuel duo is your companion for an unforgettable party..

In addition to our musical use, we offer you still free of charge our new professional LED room illumination.

Your room / walls are dipped in great effect colors and thereby creating a super feel-good atmosphere without cable!

The Duo Musidance would be happy to accompany your event musically.

Only when the dance floor is filled, the people follow the beat of our music and together have a cantile and atmospheric evening, we know, . We have achieved our goal and made the job properly as a musician.