Bremen Musikanten & Weserkrainer

Who on the internet "Bremen musicians" is called first on the well-known fairy tale of the brothers Grimm. But with us it is not about donkeys, dog, cat and cock making music here: with the "Bremen musicians" have come together experienced musicians who want to entertain their audience with well-known and sweeping melodies from the world of blowing music.

The seven-member Ensemble was founded in this formation in 2011. Just like your animal music colleagues are the "Bremen musicians" Amateurs and make music from joy in their free time. All members of this little ensemble also play in other orchestras and now want the "Bremen musicians" enrich the music scene of the region. With trumpet, tenor horn, baritone, tuba and drums, music is now to the Weser, who has already been a long tradition in southern Germany, Austria and Czech Republic and of course played live and played without electronics.

Blassmusik is a music direction that is very suitable for a variety of events and appealing. Especially suitable and popular with: business openings, fairs and exhibitions, receptions, farewellings, days of open door, ship stacks, straightforward, club-proof, towards different occasions. We usually make the music live, without electronic reinforcement. Exceptions are larger events where a certain volume is desired or required.