Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley was born on a small farm near the city of McComb as Ellas Bates. Since his mother could not raise him, she adopted him her cousin Gussie McDaniel. Initially, he learned to play violin, the guitar game came Bo more random: At the age of 12 years he got a simple guitar for practicing his sister. At first he agreed her like a violin and played with the Plektron similar as if he would play violin. He had developed a completely new kind of guitar to play a completely new kind of guitar. Towards the end of his school time he founded the band The Hipsters with two friends and played with them on the street. After school he remained, since he had not learned a job, in addition to poorly paid aids and crime only the possibility to earn his livelihood. The Hipsters were becoming more and more popular over time. At the age of 19 he got a commitment in the 708 club. Thanks to its powerful amplifier, its unique style and its unusual guitar, which he had expanded with a tremolo device self-made from an old watch and auto parts, he excited considerable sensation. In 1954 Jackson and Williams left the band and were replaced by James Bradford and a certain buttercup. In addition, Billy Boy Arnold, Clifton James and Jerome Green came.

Billy Boy Arnold tried Bo Diddley at different record companies. He finally made it with his two pieces I’m a Man and Bo Diddley at Chess Records. On this single seemed Willie Dixon and Otis clenched. Bo diddley means as much as worse kid. Due to the success, he made some concerts nationwide, among others in the Apollo Theater in New York where he promptly broke the viewer record of Sammy Davis Junior held until this time. In the following years he was always heard in the charts and develops into a versatile musician.

From 1959 Bo Diddley also played with Lady Bo (Peggy Jones), a graduate of New York music school, together. With her he expanded the spectrum of his songs again. In 1960 he moved to Washington, D.C.. From this time, he was also allowed to produce his music himself – one at this time for a colored musician unusual musical freedom, which only James Brown enjoyed. In 1962, Bob Diddley with the song You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover His Hit Hit.

From the end of the 60s he came, like many other blues musicians, too, a little into the musical offside. Nevertheless, he continued to work and continued to publish albums. These were created together with well-known colleagues like Little Walter, Muddy Waters and Howlin ‘Wolf. Also in the 70s the influence of Bo Diddley was constantly present. Numerous musicians from the punk and New Wave scene handed back on pieces of him. Finally, in 1987 he was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and 2004 in the Blues Hall of Fame.