Bill Haley

Bill Haley (* 6. July 1925 as William John Clifton Haley Junior in Highland Park in the US state of Michigan; † 9. February 1981 in Harlington, Texas) was an American rock musician. The Music Style Northern Band Style created by him was the first white game of rock ‘n’ roll.

Haley grew up in Chester / Pennsylvania and began his musical career as a yodelming cowboy. In 1944 he joined Shorty Cooks Group Downhomers and traveled with them for two years the Middle West of the USA. Subsequently, he became a short time musical director of the WPWA broadcasting station in Chester. He founded The Saddlemen, some of the "harder" title shots. With its version of the song "Rocket 88" (in the original of Jackie Brenston & Ike Turner), Bill Haley was able to achieve a respect for his new label Essex Records on his new label. In 1952 he had another Rock’n’Roll hit with "Rock the Joint".

In 1953 Haley hung the cowboy hat on the nail, changed the name of the band in Comets and picked up "Crazy Man Crazy" and immediately managed the chart breakthrough. After changing the record company and its producer, he reaches three T0P-20 hits in a row, including "Shake Rattle & Roll", who sold over a million times and received a golden record.

Bill Haleys’s largest hit, "Rock Around The Clock", owes its great success to a movie. His manager, technical adviser of the film "Blackboard Jungle", reached that the song ran as a background music of the biasing. In recourse in 1955 by Decca, the title became a number one hit in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany (as the only non-German-speaking title of the year) and many European countries. Over the years it managed "Rock Around the Clock" worldwide several times to come back to the charts. The song has been sold over 50 million times until today and thus is based on Bing Crosby’s "White Christmas" as a number 2 of the eternal leaderboard.

More big hits in the following years were "Razzle Dazzle", "See You Later, Alligator", "The Saint’s Rock’n’Roll" and "Rudy’s Rock".

After an Australia and England tour in 1957, 1958 followed his first European tour with shows in Germany, France, Italy. In Essen and Berlin, there were spectators (chairs were smashed), whereupon some other concerts were canceled. Haley was the first rock’n’roll singer who appeared outside the USA.

Furthermore, there were also films like "Rock Around the Clock" ("out of the edge and band"), "Do not Knock The Rock" ("out of the edge and band"), "Here I’m staying here," " Roundup of Rhythm "," Let The Good Times Roll "," The London Rock ‘N’ Roll Show, "" Blue Suede Shoes "," Juventud Rebelde "," Besitos Al Papa ", .

After his last top 40 hit "Skinny Minnie" Haley went on tour for another decade in 1959. Then it became calmer around the pioneer of rock & roll. He had the only success in Mexico, where he lived for a few years and made some pictures at ORFEON.

Hale’s last recordings were pressed in Sweden by Sonet after his European tour in 1968. His last performances took place in 1980 in South Africa. Haley was already heavily drawn by the alcoholism.

According to Bill Haleys Death 1981, his former band "Comets" (Franny Becher, Johnny Grande, Dick Richards, Joey d’Ambrosio, Marshall Lytle) united in 1987 and has been touring through the world ever since. Already in the fifties Joey, Dick and Marshall had their own band with name "Jodimars". They were under contract at the record company "Capitol" (while the "Comets" were under contract at "Decca"). "Well Now Dig This" was her biggest hit.