Review: Face The King – “The Sound EP”

a4046078642_2These days, sometimes just existing as a rock band isn’t enough. In order to truly connect with listeners and prospective fans a band needs to provide an experience. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every band needs to incorporate outlandish gimmicks. If that’s what you’re into that is fine, but I’m talking about reaching out to people’s hearts and not just their wallets. Long Island, NY’s Face The King have been insanely busy this Summer. In addition to their rigorous touring schedule, the band has also partnered with the anti-bullying movement “Hate The Hate” to provide support and to persons that have been physically or verbally abused. Their work with the campaign inspired the single “You Me & The Sound” and the resulting EP titled The Sound.

On their previous EP The Burning & The Falling Down, Face The King established themselves as purveyors of exceptional arena rock. On The Sound, they’ve harnessed that larger-than-life dynamic into an even more intimate setting. Dan DelVecchio still employs the sweeping guitars he’s probably best known for, but won’t shy away from more rugged hard rock hooks like those found on “The Stage.” The track finds Face The King firing on all cylinders. Whether he’s singing in a low, hushed tone or exploding into thunderous roar, it’s surprising that vocalist Eric Zirlinger wasn’t fully depleted after recording this EP. Equally impressive is the fact that Zirlinger doesn’t oversell it by getting caught up in overwrought histrionics. Each track is allowed to exist just as it should. The light, breezy “The Science Apart” closes out the album, channeling classic The Bends-era Radiohead in the process.

The Sound EP is as apt a title as one can get when naming an album, for the ideal scenario would be to experience this music in a live setting. While a $5.00 pair of plastic earbuds wouldn’t quite to do them justice, what matters is that you take the time and give Face The King a listen. you ears and your heart will thank you.

Rating: 8/10

Top Pick(s): ”The Stage,” “You Me & The Sound”

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