Videos: Lux Lisbon – “Get Some Scars”

Pack your bags, dear readers! Hobsnobbery is leaving the comfort of its New Jersey home and hopping the pond to London to check in on Lux Lisbon. I first heard these guys back in the Summer of 2011 during one of my many late-night Bandcamp shopping binges. I swear, I was completely addicted to “We Just Can’t Wait For Heroes (Any More)” off of their album Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist. Thankfully after wearing that out there’s some new music to dive into.


Lux Lisbon has a knack for creating some pretty nifty indie rock anthems that would feel right at home at either a club venue or stadium show and their videos are equally as ambitious. “Get Some Scars” is the first single released from the upcoming 4-track EP of the same name. The video serves as a duel tribute of sorts, paying homage to album artist Nathan Vernau and filmmaker Wes Anderson’s signature motifs. The result is a pretty wacky yet wholly entertaining experience.

The title track can be downloaded here for free. However, the EP won’t be available until March 25. They will be touring the UK in support of its release, but here’s hoping one day they’ll make it to the States.

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